Battleground Mobile India Hack Mod Apk Download 2021

No one can deny that Battleground India has a huge fan base as PUBG had. No dought this game had made a blast fan following in India before its launching. All the pubg lovers were waiting for this game eagerly after the ban of PUBG in India.

Finally, Battleground India was launched on 10th June 2021 in India owned by Indian company KRAFTON. I am sure this was a great moment for all the pubg lovers. That’s why I am here to make your happiness double. If you are reading this blog, you are definitely looking for Battleground Mobile India Mod Apk Download.

So don’t worry you are going to have all the important information regarding this Battleground Mobile India Hack Mod Apk Download like what is the advanced feature in the hack version of this game. Also, we will have some more details about other important features. So, let’s get started.

What Is Battleground Mobile India Hack Mod Apk ?

Let’s have quick info on the Battleground Mobile India Free version. If you have played PUBG, you don’t need to learn more about this game. Just install this and enjoy playing with your friends, but for a newbie, it is important to know about this game.

This game is set in a virtual world where you can create your own team and enjoy playing this game with your friend. You can make a squad, duo, or play in a one-to-one mode that is called solo. There are various maps like Erangle, Sanhock, Wikendy, Miramar, etc., you can choose that you like. Even there are different modes like a quick match, Zombies Mode, War Mode, Sniper Training, etc.

This game is set in a virtual world in which multiplayer can join together and use their own strategy to survive till the end, or we can say to defeat the other teams. There is a maximum of 100 players who can join in one gameplay. Those team who services till the last wins Winner Winner Chicken Dinner as like PUBG.

Battleground Mobile India Hack Mod Apk Download enables some features that you won’t believe but it does. Let’s Know what features Battleground Mobile India Mod Apk enables-

Wallhack (Disabling The Wall)

Do you believe if I say by enabling this feature you can kill your enemy from anywhere in the field? Yes! I know it is unbelievable but it’s true.

wall hack pubg
wall hack mod apk

This feature allows you to kill your enemy from the other side of the wall which means it makes the wall disable for you. Wherever the enemy is concealed you can watch and kill them very easily in battleground mobile mod apk.

Zero Recoil mod hack

no Recoil md
Recoil mod apk

I don’t think it is required to explain that is the term that every gamer knows. This feature enables zero recoils which means you can easily kill your enemy and your gun will not recoil even a zero degree.

Auto Aim (Kill your enemy without aiming)

You know I am laughing while writing this article about Battleground Mobile India Hack Mod Apk Download. This version is something that no one can expect. If you enable this Auto-aim feature you are going to won almost every game without effort. Auto Aim feature automatically aims at the target just like a magnet.

Realistic weapons mod feature

PUBG was the first game to introduce a realistic feel in the virtual world which Battleground India has adopted. When you play the game you will feel the 3D noise effect of everything including the Gun’s voice even the name of the weapons is inspired by real-world like M4-16, Car-98, AWM, AKM, UZI, DP, Shotgun, M2, etc. However, this effect can also be found in the free version of Battleground Mobile India.

Black Body mod

Do you understand the means of the black body? A black body means you can conceal very easily. This effect creates a black effect on your body so that no one can find you easily and you can kill them.

Fly mod (Upcoming)

Some of the features are upcoming the work is in progress. So the Battleground Mobile India Hack Mod Apk Download is going to be more exciting. If you are a Battleground Lover you should definitely try this.

Other Exciting feature of Battleground Mobile India Hack Mod Apk

Some of the features are upcoming and most of them are already available, check the list below-

  • ESP Enabled
  • Player Line/Box/Skeleton
  • Player Health/Name/Distance/Back Alert
  • No Grass
  • Unlimited UC (Upcoming)
  • No Root Required
  • No Fog

How To Download Install Battleground Mobile India Mod Apk

Moving forward to the most important part of this article how to download Battleground mobile India Mod APK. If I am not wrong you’re reading this article because you are basically here to download this version. So don’t worry let’s get started-

1.First of all, if you have already installed the free version of Battleground mobile India from Play Store. you have to uninstall this from your phone then click the link given below and download the Battleground mobile India Mod APK.

2. After the pubg mod apk download start, the installation process as usual you do for any application downloaded from Play Store.

3. During installation, it might be asking for allowing unknown sources. Enable this option and continue the installation process. After few seconds you will see your installation has been completed.

Allow Unknown Sources

4. The magic starts now please do not open the game before doing this step. You need an extra file that is an OBB file. Download this file from the download page and extract it. Now paste this file in this manner- Extract the OBB File > Copy-Paste the OBB File on Android > obb

Paste File Under OBB folder

5. Now, open the Battleground India game and allow permission to “display over other App“.

Allow Permission Display Over The Apps

Final Verdict

Finally, click on the Mod menu and enable all Mod APK features. Now you can enjoy Battleground Mobile India Mod Apk.

So, this is how you can download Battleground India hack Mod APK in just a few steps. I tried to explain all the features added in this game in a quite simple way I hope you liked it.

You can download battleground mobile mod apk and install the game easily on your mobile still if you are facing any issue while installing this hack version. you can comment below and tell us your problem. We are always here to help you